New please

  1. I've been away from Chanel for awhile but my SA sent this and I love it, does anyone know the name and approxiamte measurements? Looks like a frame is in there! :tup:

    Also, I guess I'm overwhelmed by Chanel much coming out all of the time I can't keep up! Wish it was all a little more in my grasp...
  2. I got those pictures too. I think it might be called "Perfect Day" bag?
  3. I was at Saks on Friday and fell in love with the larger style of this bag. Yes it's called "Perfect Day". Pictures don't do the bag justice it's gorgeous!

  4. wow she's gorgeous!
  5. WOW - now that's different for Chanel! The clasp reminds me of the larger frame bag that I saw at the trunk show.
  6. Love it
  7. I also got that email and I love the look of this bag.
    I agree with you frenchiefan...there are so many styles out there and the prices are starting to be too rich for me.
    I was debating between a Leo bag and a Bordeaux GST. I finally decided on the GST and now this one shows up. Aarghh! :shrugs:
  8. I really like it! $2795 though :push:
  9. Ohhhh, that is a gorgeous bag!!
  10. Ooohhh, I really like it!
  11. Oh the price :crybaby:
  12. beautiful but OUCH
  13. wow, gorgeous bag! too much for me though :sad:
  14. Thanks ladies!!! I used to be so into Chanel and knew the names of everything each season - bought a few - and then it got so crazy I started turning away, but this one REALLY caught my eye and I've been lurking back around Chanel ever much to catch up with though...yikes! :sweatdrop:
  15. Very pretty..Love it! :yes: