New bag--funny smell. Help.


Apr 18, 2011
I just received my new Tory Burch bag in the mail, took it out of the dust bag and it smells horrible. It smells like chemicals and moth balls! I've had plenty of leather bags and have never smelled anything like it. I have taken the stuffing out and plan to let it "air out" but is there anything else that I can? If the smell isn't gone by tomorrow evening I'm sending it back to Saks! UGH!

What could be causing this? Has anyone else had this issue before?


Oct 18, 2007
Rebecca Minkoff bags had similar problems--at least they did 1-2 years ago. I got a peacock Nikki that smelled like chemicals. I aired it out in my garage with dryer sheets and it helped. Search in the Minkoff forum for other remedies.


Jun 6, 2007
I just checked the Saks page to see your bag (the audra satchel), and saw that the audra hobo had two poor reviews, disappointed about the leather texture and quality. Just wondering if Saks got the bad batch of leather for the Audra line? Conversely, Nordstrom's reviews of the audra satchel are all 5 stars. The way a merchant stores items in their warehouse varies widely and perhaps the lining (cotton?) obsorbed odors from the warehouse storage?

If you still want the bag (assuming you can get rid of the odor), I've seen many posts before about odors in bags with lots of suggestions. In the meantime, a search could turn up some posts, I'm sure. Besides specifically RM, try Hayden Harnett s-f also. I know they had skunk/sour milk smells in a batch of bags. The most important step at this point, I do know, is to air the bag out. Can the lining be turned inside out?

Good luck, and I hope some of the gals who have been through this will be able to give their advice soon.