New bag from Prada

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  1. I was at Neiman Marcus and was shocked that I actually loved one of the new Prada handbags- I have been so obsessed with Chloe, Choo and Tod's lately I never really look at Prada anymoer. Anyway, it is the new Prada Daino Life shoulder bag (BR2962) in Chocolate Brown leather (the leather and size of the bag were great)! I cannot find a picture of the bag to post it (can only find pics on the fake websites)- but wanted to know what everyone thought of this bag? Yay or Nay?
  2. aghhhh! I'm looking on NM and can't find it!
  3. I know- none of the legit websites have pictures of it :evil:, and while the fake sites have pics- they don't do the bag justice. But can't hurt just to get an idea.
  4. ok, I found something labeled as the prada daino bag, but in this it? (stylewise)

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  5. I don't know if this pic will come out- but here is the FAKE version of the bag (the leather on the real one is not shiny or stiff, but supple, and the bag is a bit more slouchy in person, not as rigid as shown here)
  6. ooops, I think this is Daino "ruby"
  7. Hmmm, bad pic. quality as stated....its ok, maybe it'll be better if I try finding a more represenatative pic....

  8. Thanks SoyBean! I couldn't find a pic ANYWHERE of this bag. In know, the pic posted of the fake version is terrible! but wanted to give you an idea. Will keep looking for better pic
  9. good luck! I tried looking and couldn't find one either!!:evil:
  10. I am throwing in the towel- I just can't find a picture of this bag. Next time you are in a store, check out the prada section- it's better in person in any event. Oh well, thanks for trying with me!
  11. I just want to say that I LOVE Prada's new line of Daino something or others. Like I said in another thread, I got their white leather wallet (called VIT. DAINO LOCK). I vouch that it's GORGEOUS! The leather is supple, soft, just the best leather I've ever felt on a designer bag!! I'm seriously thinking of getting the matching bag.
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  13. I'm in love with a Prada bag too, but I have no idea what the name or style number is. It's the light beige colored one appearing in a February InStyle ad. It has top handles as well as a shoulder strap, and is roughly the shape of a large LV Alma (wider at the base). Any ideas?
  14. Thanks SoyBean! Those pictures are much better! I am too chicken to buy something on ebay! This bag was gorgeous in person! :love: This bag is definitely in the running with the Chloe Edith and Jimmy Choo bags. I just wonder if Prada is on its way out or do you think its still hot???
  15. I will look at my InStyle when I get home from work. I think I know which one you are talking about- and its GORGEOUS!