New bag from new line?

  1. Yesterday on a magazine I saw this bag..absolutely gorgeous!!
    Is that from a new line or simply f/w 2006? I love it!:tender:

  2. :nuts: Gorgeous! Don't know anything about it but looks expensive$$$.
  3. Oooh, it's gorgeous!! :girlsigh: Probably runway?
  4. yes guys and it's about 9500 dollars
  5. Ooouch:Push: Still it's stunning:love:
  6. that's beautiful! i hope those semi-precious stone cabochons are a recurring feature of special-ed bags from now on.
  7. oh sooo perrtty!:tender:
  8. Thats gorgeous
  9. I haven't seen that one before........I have to be an oddball here and say that I don't really like it.:sad:
  10. Its totally TDF! Gorgeous!
  11. Beautiful!:love:
  12. i saw that, it costs like :censored:
  13. Woa, a bit on the busy side for me. :huh: I can't imagine using that on a daily basis, maybe for special outings...
  14. i'll join the oddball bandwagon with ya!! omg. :throwup:
  15. It's from the L'Extraordinaire collection. They had one on display at Louis Vuitton on 57th in NYC.