New Bag for Tokidoki? What the heck?

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  1. it's real style and only available in europe and was made before toki for lesportsac. You can find more at
  2. oh wow! It's really cute! :yahoo:

    I have admired Tokidoki Lesportsac for a while but have never had the money to buy one. I just bought my first one last week and it is the Amore print campeggio. I am completely hooked and obsessed now! I am going on a Tokidoki hunt and at the same time a bit broke. :yes:

  3. You should look up shoptokidoki on LJ. There are some deals there :biggrin: Oh yeah...and check out the other threads on here about South Hampton & Pulse. I think Pulse (talk to Casey) still has some Spiaggia print for like 15% off or something..and SH (talk to Lindsey) always has good deals.
  4. Thank you for your reply! ;)
  5. yeah this is simone legno's work before lesportsac and it's kinda HTF now (it was a Europe only thing), but sometimes pops up on ebay

    i think there's link to sites (in EU) where you can buy it on the Tokidoki Vendors page
  6. :crybaby:Aww! I went back and the bidding was over!
  7. OMG... now i want one................... must resist... to many bags..... must.........
  8. I've just found a new company in Europe with a new collection of Tokidoki bags. I am trying to get some more info from them. I have seen the bags on an ebay shop from spain and they look quite cute. I will try and get some pictures.
  9. Here is a picture of the new Spanish range of bags.When i first saw them i thought they were Sportandem bags from Spain,then i thought they were fakes when my supplier didnt have a clue about them.I managed to get this ebay seller give me the name of the company that makes them.I do think this ebay shops prices are a bit expensive as the European bags are not usually this much money.I think the design is realy cute but maybe a bit too pink for me.These photos are not that good though so maybe they will bw slightly different in real life.
  10. ahhh, ok i wasn't sure if those were real before so I stayed away. they are cute though!

    *sidenote* whoot I ordered a few pens from Chicki website last week, i hope to get them this week! yayy*
  11. Oh so you did ,thanks.I put a little pressy in there for you:smile:.
  12. WOOT, more English Candy! lol :smile: I must not give it away this time, must hoard and eat it alone :heart:333