New bag for my daughter, and a quick brag!

  1. I know this topic comes up often about kids and Coach, and how some people view young girls with Coach bags as spoiled, etc, and I always get annoyed because I know my daughter has nice things, and I also know that she more than deserves them. A prime example and my brag - my daughter is 12 (13 on St. Patricks Day). Yesterday she took the SATS. Yes, the regular SAT test. She was one of a handful of students chosen by Johns Hopkins University in a scholastic talent search to be allowed to take the same SATs that the college-bound students take, just as an introduction to the test, to get an idea of what its all about, etc. We told her she didnt have to if she didnt want to, no pressure, just if she wanted to challenge herself then we supported her. So she spent 5 hours yesterday morning taking the SATs! She said the language section was okay, but the math was hard! I'm sure! So today when I went to the store to look for my purse (another post!), I took her with me to pick something out for her efforts. I dont care if she scores a zero on the test, the fact that she put forth the effort makes me very proud of her. She picked up the heritage stripe wristlet in green (which is really tiny!) - it was a tight fit for her phone, ipod and camera, so I suggested this instead. They had to order the color, but she'll be getting it this week and wearing it proudly. And I couldnt be more proud of her. She had midterms on Friday, SAT Saturday, and more midterms tomorrow - quite a workload for 12.
    green heritage.jpg
  2. Looks absolutely perfect!! I'll bet shes in heaven!
  3. haha...that's so cute...congrats on your daughter...i bet you're going to get her hooked
  4. She completely deserves it!!! And great choice, too!

  5. I did the same thing your daughter did with the SATs...I thought it was fun!:lol: (Didn't think it was so fun when I took it for real a few years later, though:p).

    Cute bag:smile:
  6. All three of my daughters took the SATs in middle school too. Congrats to your daughter!!

    She got a great little bag too and she'll cherish it forever. Clothes will come and go (fashions die) but that purse will look great in 20 years. My girls got their first little Coach when they were around 13 too. It's the perfect age.
  7. Only a parent can decide what is right for her child. It sounds like your daughter is very responsible and is doing very well in school. Congrats to her, both on the honor of being able to take the test and for her new bag.
  8. Way to go! Your daughter deserves a lot of credit. She definitely deserves that Coach bag!
  9. Exactly!!! I told her, for her this is just an experience, but the other kids there will be totally serious FOR REAL, and you could tell by their faces when they walked out that they were DRAINED!!
  10. Perfect bag for a St. Patty's Day girl!
  11. Nice gift for her. I took the SAT when I was in 7th grade and got invited to a big shindig at Duke University. It was a LONG time ago but I still remember how special I felt. You are doing a great thing to help her feel special :tup:
  12. Yes, she is my little leprechaun girl! She is 1/2 Irish, and green is her favorite color, too.
  13. she sounds very deserving.. you must be proud! :tup: I think every child is so different, you can have a totally mature 9 year old and a completely immature 19 year old. :tup:
  14. awww. she totally deserves it!! :tup:
  15. This is very true. I totally agree.