New Bag For My Collection!

  1. so i just purchased a chloe bag at neiman it was the shopper tote and i absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive. thank god for after christmas sales bc i just got it for 510!!! orginally 1020! yay for me and my new pet!

    ps : i appreciate this site so much where i can freely type this and not feel as being low and under appreciative of life.

  2. I went to Sak's yesterday and bought the chloe Edith long shopper tote! I love it so much, I will take and post pics this weekend. I know what you mean about the Dec 26th sales, it was so worth getting up early!:nuts:
  3. Wow ladies! You hit a gold mine!! Congrats and enjoy your beautiful new bags. And please post pics soon!
  4. Excellent purchases ladies! PICS !!!!!
  5. Great buys for you two, can't wait to see the pictures of them :yahoo:
  6. Congrats!!! What colors did you ladies get??
  7. Congrats! Please post pics! I love looking at them, enjoy your bags you two!
  8. Mine is the whiskey color. When I first got to Saks all the good ones were already pre-sold, but a woman decided she didn't want one so they put it back on the shelf without the tags and I grabbed it and was practically screaming "HOW MUCH IS THIS ONE?" I was so crazy! It was all happening so fast. I will try to post the pics as soon as I can, I totally forgot to do that yesterday when I got home.
  9. Woohoo!!! I'm waiting on a large Paddy in nutmeg and a two tone Tracy in Whiskey (which I wasn't too keen on in the beginning but now love) from Saks day after Christmas sales. I had been up at 4:55 Pacific to be up in time for 8:00 am ET since I was going to do my shopping over the phone. I was practically dialing numbers from 5 am till 11 am and scored bigtime on the large Paddy thanks to Sparkledust!
  10. [​IMG]

    here it is ladies!.....ahh i think im in love! i cant wait for it to arrive!

    i absolutely love big bags so this one could become my baby!
  11. I almost bought this bag too but when I saw the bag at Nordstrom I was worried about the leather very easily tearing or ripping if it gets caught in something. It's a very soft, thin sheepskin leather that's very pretty. I have the the Patsy wallet in the same colour as your bag and I sprayed it with Applegard to protect it from water stains but it left a darker mark where I probably sprayed too much.

    But I think that's just me since I tend to beat my bags too much! Show us a picture of your new bag when you get it and congratulations on a great deal!
  12. I had bought both the Edith shopper and the flap satchel, but I did not like them. DH said the shopper looked like a diaper bag. LOL. I got the large patent Betty satchel instead. It's funky and hot looking.
  13. i love it because its such a basic...i can take it with pretty much anything....i love love love big bags!
  14. amandaisrl, I'm with you on the BIG bags!!! :yes:

  15. Congrats! :yahoo:I love big bags too, I love my edith shopper, I can fit so much stuff in it and it's fun to carry around!