New bag for me...

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  1. I just got home from NYC with a new bag... reveal coming.....
  2. Yeah, cant wait to see!!
  3. Reveal!! I'm waiting :biggrin:
  4. Having trouble getting picture loaded... may have to wait for son to help me.
  5. You're lying is all part of your evil plan to make us wait in suspense for this beauty :P
  6. Whoohooo! Show us :biggrin:
  7. Soon as my son comes home... I promise!!
  8. ...patiently waiting...
  9. Well for some reason it's not working can't figure out why... won't let me upload it. Will keep trying.
  10. Would love to see it!
  11. Waiting...
  12. :couch:
  13. Ohhh! Please don't tease us....
  14. :whistle::whistle:
  15. darn.... the pic is too big and won't let me upload it.... anyway hate to make you wait...I got a new grey cerf tote.