New bag for me?

  1. Help me choose one, before the end of this year I'm getting a new LV for sure and hopefully a new Coach bag. I want something in the Black/Khaki Sig color combo! I like either the Large Carly or the Gigi. Which do you think would be best on a guy? Why? Maybe any other suggestions? (Hopefully I scrape enough money up for this though) :angel:
  2. bump before I sleep*
  3. Definitely the Large Khaki/Black sig. Carly!!!!! I love mine! It's a great bag!

  4. Reynaldo, I don't think that any of this will look good on you. For example, if is for me and I think that the Carly look like "too much" on my shoulder... But take a look of this pic. This one is more like for a guy or a girl. Anyways, is your decision. Buy any that make you happy (I hate when the people tell me that and I am tryin'g to get an asnwer lol)
  5. I think the Gigi would be great for a guy! It just looks a bit more masculine to me. Have you tried them both on? That'll be your best bet to see which looks better on you. And take pics when you get it! The khaki/black combo is awesome!
  6. I agree and would go with the Gigi for you!
  7. Marcela! I thought of that Bleeker but I didnt really like how it was made out of wool =[

    Either bag looks good on me (not to sound conceited) but I just wanted to know what you guys thought.

    I always wanted a Carly and almost got one last december in Khaki/Angora but good thing I didnt get it. I dont even know if it would fit my laptop!

    The Gigi is a great bag but it's gonna be a little hard for me to find it in person.
  8. GOSH I love the GIGI!!! I want to get it so will have to wait til the perfect color combo comes along though, I hope they make it in spring colors.

    I think that would fit your laptop better than a Carly, IMO. I have a large Carly and she fits a lot but putting my lappy in was too much of a squeeze so I said no way.
  9. The gigi would fit your laptop, but I personally dont like putting it in a bag up and down like that......
  10. Yeah thats another thing I thought of!

    but ugh, the Gigi is soo nice, its kinda like a replacement for this mens LV runway bag I wanted but could definately not affored a couple months ago. It was a vertical tote about the same size as the Gigi, but of course made in this gorgeous kangaroo leather.

    I also thought of the large bleeker bucket, but I could not get it to look good on me so deff no! Im gonna indulge in bleeker accessories instead, of course in the khaki/black combo to match whichever bag.
  11. my carly is awesome!!! have you tried a tote bag?
  12. In general? or like the Gigi?

    I have a couple tote bags, and theyre really comfy. I support men with shoulder bags! hahah

    I might get an LV Palermo GM, unless I like the Mezzo or Saleya GM better. But I like the Palermo the best.
  13. O.k. wait a want a bag or a purse:confused1:?? If you want a bag I really think this one would be great[​IMG]but if you want to carry a purse, I think maybe a large bleecker duffel[​IMG]or flap?[​IMG]But my favorite would be the large Carly[​IMG]Let us know what you choose:smile:
  14. think I want a bigger bag to carry around my laptop or school stuff in basically?

    I really think its just between the Carly and the Gigi, unless I see one of the Heritage totes I like...
  15. Ohhhhh....that Heritage tote......I LOVE that bag.....TDF!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT until it is released in the US!!!