New Bag designer-Take a look-Opinions?

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  1. [​IMG]
    Magy Bag

    Designed by: Helena de Natalio

    I really think this is a cute bag-what do you guys think? It comes in several colors as well!:rolleyes:
  2. Oh, it's beautiful! It's clever, stylish, and beautiful. Unique but not 'in your face'. Do you have any more info? Size? Web site (the link w/the picture doesn't work)
  3. I think it's really feminine and pretty. I love it!!
  4. Yes, it's at Just hit the designer button and look for her name. Then, if you click on view-you can see the four colors it comes in. I'm liking the teal color, as the raspberry one is gorgeous, but comes very close to my Kooba Elisha in color. I'm loving this bag!:yahoo:


    Medium sized Dakota leather handbag with matching pleated bow pockets at its base and feminine curved detailing with heart-shaped double fastened handles. Featuring a cell phone pocket, and key chain.

    Dimensions: 12"L x 13"W x 3.5"D
  5. Let us know what you decide and definitely post pics if you get it. I think it's adorable!!
  6. Yeah I think we had a thread a while ago. They were selling some of her stuff at Anthropologie.
  7. I've seen this bag before too. I like the fact that it's someone different. If you want to see some really unusual bags, check out The concept is so amazing. They seem to be using knit/crochet with leather sometimes. Other times, the bags have handles with chains and stone/semi-precious stone. Looks like these bags are alot of work to create, but a real WOW! Let me know what everyone thinks..........
  8. it's cute, but somehow i don't really like the too long handles
  9. Wow, this bag is fantastic, too bad none of the colors work for me :sad:

    I was just looking through the site and I really like Dutchy's bags too - Nana Doc and Sassy Doc in lavender are so gorgeous :love:
  10. ITA! It is very cute but something looked off to me... guess its the handles
  11. yes.. it's a cute bag...I'll also prefer the shorter handle..
  12. It is cute! But the long handles is too long IMO too : )
  13. i love the pockets!
  14. Very unique.

    I don't think the handles are too long whatsoever, as it will solve many of the complaints I've read here where people state they can't wear the bag comfortably on their shoulder wearing a coat, heavier clothing etc.....

    Thanks for sharing JNH14
  15. i have one of her bags (the atada) from a year or so ago, it's very nice, but i found the leather to be kind of stiff over time...and very easily scratched.