New bag....come and see!!!

  1. First of all I wanted to thank everyone who replied to my threads regarding this bag. I appreciated every reply of advice, encouragement, etc. This has been my dream bag since I first started collecting LV :yahoo: So in tpf tradition (or maybe it isn't lol) here comes the tease pictures. Don't worry...the pics are all uploaded so they'll pretty much be one after the other!

    First pic!!!

    Eee please excuse the miss-matched bedding.


  3. is it the mc speedy?!? congrats :yahoo:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. oooooooo- duh! her siggy!!
  6. you are one lucky lady!!! NEXT PIC!
  7. haha yeah i realized that its not much of a surprise huh. but you gotta love that big brown box!!!
  8. ^ :graucho: we'll never get enough of 'the' brown box!!
  9. presenting.....the brand spankin new MC speedy!!!!

  10. oh my gosh.... gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!

  11. CONGRATS!!!!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  12. thanks! here's some close ups!



  13. Caley, it is beautiful! Good choice! The lime green LVs at the top of the bag are GORGEOUS!!! Conratz girlie! Great job. Have fun wearing her...I'll pray for sun the next couple of weeks!!!!
  14. very pretty!! love the color combo, esp the two pinks on both side :girlsigh:
  15. you zoomed in to the part i was staring at! the pocket has the best color combo. i love that blue.
    congrats!! isn't it great to finally bring your true love home with you?