New Bag! Coach Soho Leather Pocket Tote - White

  1. Hi all! Just like wickedassin, I bought a white coach bag for spring/summer. Am really glad to find one in Coach because I really can't imagine spending so much ( i.e. Tod's maybe) for a white bag and then being paranoid all the time about it getting dirty. I bought a water and oil repellant and sprayed her all over...

    Here are some pictures. I took some with and without flash. The flash makes it look too bright, when actually it is almost off-white.
    3312.jpg 3314.jpg 3316.jpg
  2. Purdy. I love Coach!
  3. nice bag, minicoop! :smile:

    how's the effect of the repellent on the bag?
  4. Beautiful! Congrats.
  5. The colour didn't change and the repellant dried pretty quickly. What I really like is that the 'new leather smell' was not overpowered at all, even though I sprayed it all over TWICE. The repellant smell went away quickly. Can't tell you if it's effective or not though cause I haven't placed it anywhere particulary dirty. So far so good...
  6. great! so glad to hear that. :smile:

    congrats on your purchase again! yippie!
  7. Very nice tote.:biggrin:
  8. Nice bag, and looks roomy to - I'm sure it will be a favourite this summer!
  9. really pretty bag!!
  10. ConGraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats! :biggrin:
    Great choice for summer :amuse: Hope u enjoy it!!
    Love white bags!! I am surely hunting for one in the nearest future!! :shame:
  11. You will love it. I had a white coach a couple of years ago, and I was afraid it would get dirty. But it wore really really well. I had no problems with dirt at all. Just use that cleaner occasionally. Very cute bag.
  12. Very nice bag! I was looking at that too. I also want a white Coach bag.
  13. Now you're all set for summer! Enjoy!!!
  14. LOVE IT!!!!

    I really want the one in that line that has the big clip in the front. not the large, but the medium. But it's about 200$ more than I want to spend so we will see. Im so Jelouse that bag is too cute! Is it heavy?
  15. Very nice spring/summer bag. Enjoy!