New bag. But what is it, please?

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  1. Hello, all

    This is my very first Chanel and I would really like your help, please, with identifying the style and possible year of purchase of my new bag. I bought it as a wonderful pre-owned, after having it authenticated on here and I've spent ages on the Chanel flap section, trying to determine whether it's a re-issue, etc. etc. and I'm struggling. The hardware is a matte gold and the owner thought that it was a limited edition. Could I please ask you experts to have a look and tell me what you think.

    I am thrilled to bits with it and am really pleased to post here for the first time. Many thanks for any help you can give me.

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  2. Sorry, can't help with the name. Just wanted to tell you I love it. Congratulations!:tup:
  3. Wow, that's nice! I don't think I've ever seen a bag with the mademoiselle lock and woven chain together.
  4. i think its very very niceeeeeeeee ohh i love it, what are the dimension? can please take modelling photos and post it (bigger pic please) so lovely and i think you can put lots of stuff inside
  5. Hybrid?!
  6. it's pretty!

    don't know the model name though. sorry.
  7. oooh it's so pretty! congrats! i dunno the name though.
    i like the inside of the bag, it's so unique
    btw, i like ur carpet :P
  8. Looks like a vintage flap with MM lock I believe? What's the first few numbers of the hologram number?
  9. Many thanks, ladydeluxe. The first 4 letters are 6757, but I don't think that it's very old, since the seller bought it from a Chanel boutique in the USA in the last 12 - 18 months. Unfortunately, she threw away her receipt so can't give me more details. Any more info would be really appreciated.
  10. Many thanks to everyone for the lovely comments you have posted about my new bag. Really appreciated!
  11. ^ Hmmm I'm not sure if your seller told you the correct details but IMO it's a vintage. There are quite a number of vintage bags that have the MM lock appearing on ebay recently and are quite similar. If they begin with 10XXXXXX onwards I guess they are still pretty new since those are from year 06 and beyond? From your photo of the interior, I see the Made In part has a circle around it? Could you show an upclose pic of that?
  12. Have you tried to go to the boutique that she bought it from, or one in your area? They may be able to tell you what the bag is if it hasn't been that long.
  13. Thanks, jen, this may be the only way to identify this bag - age and style, etc. I'll try Chanel in Bond Street, London. I'll report back with any news. Thanks for everyone's input.
  14. If the holograme starts with 6xxxxxxx, it should be produced around 2001/2002, I am puzzled if the previous owner bought it in the last 12-18 months ....
    I might be wrong, hoping to see other input here....
  15. Thanks, everyone. I have carefully re-read her e-mails to me and I may have mis-understood the contents. She told me that she had lost weight recently and as a treat to herself had bought 2 Chanel bags. I just assumed that she meant that she was now selling one, feeling guilty for buying 2! But from what you are saying, it is likely that she decided to sell on her bag from 2001/2. Whatever the outcome, I am delighted with my new acquisition and it's certainly come to a good home. Any more info is always welcome!