New bag !!! but there is a problem !!!

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  1. Hello everyone !!

    I just got a new bag !!! a tate damier Pm. I just love it.

    However when i undercovered the bag, there was no blue sticker on the gold plated (don't know if it's the right word). Usually you have it when it's brand new....does it mean that it was used by someone and returned to the store??

    Plus there is something which bother me. You can see that on the first photo, at the end there is a small space. Is this normal ?

    Sorry for my english and the pics (i'm not good with camera) !! :smile:

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  2. I dont own a tate. But new bags should have the blue sticker... Hopefully someone here with a tate can address your concern.
  3. The blue sticker is common, it is there to protect the plate from scratching. My Hampstead MM had one as well. I wouldn't worry about that.
  4. So it means that someone took it off ? don't you think ?? so it's not brand new !!!! :confused1:
  5. sometimes the SA take out the blue sticker when they sold the bag (My SA told me that they have to take it out ), but I guess there is SA don't care and let it attach.

    I have the same problem one time that the sa take out the sticker before sell it to me and I ask her why because I like it that way and She say she has too.
  6. Just becuase it doesn't have the sticker doesn't mean that it is not brand new. Sometimes the SA will remove the blue film/plastic sticker before showing it to a customer. Does the plate show any signs of wear, or scratches? If not, I would not worry about it. But, if it does bother you, you can always go back to the store where you bought it and exchange it.
  7. It depends on the boutique. Some SA's have been instructed to take off all plastic before the bag is given to the customer. Just inspect your plate carefully for scratches. If the bag is used it's unlikely that the plate is pristine.

    As for your zipper, I'm not sure how big that gap is. I would worry more if the zipper was working properly.
  8. My boutique removes the film before sending...I have the tate gm and it came without the film...don't sweat it....enjoy
  9. My Eva has a big plate and it also came with the blue sticker attached. I think as long as the plate is shiny and scratch-free, you should not worry too much.

    As far as the space at the end of the zipper goes, I think that is normal. Since the little metal zipper pieces alternate, there has to be a space on one side. I just looked at the zipper on my damier mini pochette and it's the same. HTH!
  10. Ok, there's no scratch but for the gap, it's pretty big for my opinion.

    If you have the tate bag, could you check on yours? Thx in advance:sweatdrop:
  11. The SA may have taken it off. Just to feel better take it back and exchange it
  12. The 'gap' looks quite normal to me, but if you are really concerned, I guess you can just bring it back to at least you'll have peace of mind instead of worrying! ;) Since you purchased brand new from a boutique you should be completely happy with your purchase.
  13. My SA removes all plastic and wraps up every bag I get. It's probably just the procedure they use at your boutique to prepare the bag for the customer. I am sure the zipper is fine...i don't think i'd worry about that either. enjoy your new bag! it's beautiful!
  14. no- you got a super new one! congrats!
  15. Thx for all you replies. I might go back to the store and ask to see another tate, for the zipper!!

    Wanna make sure, it's the perfect one