New Bag but not excited:(

  1. My new French Blue work is apparently stuck at UPS - I got a call on thursday but the number I got keeps ringing out! Apparently there is a customs bill...sigh.

    Only trouble is I just can't get excited about it at all - my BF of 3 years walked out a week ago, saying he wants some space for a few weeks. This is right when my bathroom and kitchen have been knocked down for renovations:smile: Not even a new BBag is exciting my right now:sad:
  2. so sorry to hear about ur current situation :sad: .... perhaps when you have the fb work in your hands you will feel more excited?? right now, it sounds like some things in your life, incl. your bathroom and kitchen are in transition...and with all transitions, one needs to adapt...

    Hopefully, things will get settled for you...esp. w/ur long time bf and you will be able to get truly excited about a fabulous find--the French Blue Work!
  3. :sad: I'm sorry to hear this... I hope you're able to love the bag and enjoy the excitement of a new Bbag (especially such a beautiful one) once it's there. I hope everyting else ends up working out as well - a new bag doesn't really solve problems like that, but it may make you feel a little bit fabulous, which'll help your outlook.

    I'm pulling for you! :flowers:
  4. I totally agree with mintpearl.

    You will get through this. As most PF'ers know, I broke up with my BF about 3 weeks ago... so I know what you are going through.

    Stay positive, think logically about everything and hopefully your FB will bring you some excitement when it arrives.

    Until then, we are all here for you, no matter what you need to talk about :flowers:
  5. Cheer up! Don't be too sad. I understand how you feel.

    Focus on your friends, family, and siamese cat right now. In time you'll feel much better.

    Kitchen and bath renovation might just be a perfect diversion right now.
  6. Oh I am so sorry! I hope things get better soon!
  7. It is tough to get through problems like this. As materialistic as it sounds, I do hope that the arrival of the bag will cheer you up a bit. FB is such a fantastic, vibrant color. Please continue to feel free to stop by and get support from us.
  8. So sorry....big hugs to you. We're all here to listen to you vent about him OR gush about your new Bbag! Keep us posted....:heart:
  9. *big hugs* to you. we are all here for you whenever you want to talk or vent.
  10. Oh honey, I'm sorry!!! You know what? My boyfriend is irritating me so much right now that I wish he'd go away LOL It may seem tough right now, but if it's meant to be, it'll be :yes:

    Just think of how GORGEOUS your bathroom, kitchen and your FRENCH BLUE will be :party: You may not be excited now, but when you have her in your hands you will be:nuts:

    And if not, you can send her to me, and I'll send you my boyfriend:graucho: He's cute, I promise.
  11. I'm very sorry to hear about your BF walking out on you.:sad: I guess it's better for him to do this now, than later when you're married. I hope you dont' call him because the last thing you want to do is to go after him. I know bags are just materialistic things that can't be compare to love ones, but it's the next best thing. :yes:

    I know it's not the same as losing your BF, but it would make you feel any better, I just lost my Roberto Coin gold bangle bracelet that my DH gave me this past Christmas. It was very sentimental to me because it had "I Love You More" engraving on it. I'm so sad and very disappointed with myself but I'm hoping that when my First arrives this week, it will make me feel a little better.:yes:
  12. Hey dear, sorry to hear ur situation right now...i can totally understand how u feel....nothin can get u excited even ur new bag is arriving soon....but stay positively, life still goes on....i'm sure tomorrow will be a better takes time for u to deal with this mess at this moment...anyway, it will still turns out right....we TPF members are behind u, they are all great and nice fellows and feel free to vent ur anger and sorrow.....we are here and also great listeners.....:love: :love:
  13. Men will come and go but Balenciaga Bags are here to stay.

    Okay, cheesy but hopefully it made you smile a bit. My French Blue always makes me smile when i look at it and I hope it does the same to you as well.
  14. oh girl.... i'm so sorry to hear that *hugs & kisses* for u. girl....

    i would also feel devastated now if i were you, it seems like all problems tumbling you at the same time.

    i do really hope when ur FB will cheer u up a little, it would not take your sadness away, but it'll make u feel better, i hope :sad:

    i was separated with my bf of 7 years few months ago, we've been living together for 6 yrs, i feel devastated, i ran to my friends house and all i took is a few piece of clothings and all my b bags, esp. my never used magenta city LOL
    and u know what, although i felt sad and my freind said i look like a zombie for weeks, i always carry my magenta in those moments, the colour cheer me up a little :p
  15. Hey seahorse, sorry to hear abt ur previous r/s.....Hope everything goes well now....take care