New Bag- Burberry Haymarket Small Tote & Customer Service

  1. Hi vsminimoose, could you post more pictures of your small burberry tote? i'm considering to buy that tote as well... but not sure whether to get or not... :smile:
  2. Hi VSminimoose...I love their classic collection like the hay market canterburry collection..just so u know, they have the red lining trimming one...recently I just bought the small haymarket Pink lining's gorgeous n I love it...I hunt anything which was limited edition...they told me if any of the haymarket collection which comes with coloured lining n coloured knight logo printing r all limited edition..every store will carry only 2 each..go check it out..Btw, we r customer n they have no right to be so rude to u..we pay for the bag comes with a good customer service..all the best babe
  3. Congrats!
  4. Hi OP,Congrats on yr tote! How is it holding up? I tried on both sizes on today and debating on the size. Is the small size good for everyday essentials? TIA. ;)
  5. I have this bag in both small and medium and I personally prefer the medium one for my daily needs. Good luck deciding!