New Bag- Burberry Haymarket Small Tote & Customer Service

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    When I was 22 I moved to New York City and got a job right out of college. After a year of work, turning 23 and having saved up some money I wanted to get a statement piece of real classic quality. I took myself on over to the 57th st Burberry store, marched on up to the women's clothing floor on a Tuesday afternoon and was treated like a princess - given sparkling water and a latte while they looked for my size. I wasn't wearing anything flashy - just a midwest-turned-nyc girl in casual clothes looking for something. No snobbery or pretension, just great customer service. I left with the Burberry check kilt skirt and have loved it ever since.

    Impressed with Burberry that day, and now 5 years later, I surprised myself that I never went back. I went into the 3rd Ave Bloomies a few days ago and went into their Burberry boutique. I was helped out - adequately, and left with this bad boy:


    I wasn't very happy with the Bloomingdales Burberry service - I inquired about the above bag coming in red trim and I was surprised with how rude she was with her incorrect statement in telling me that it never came in red leather trim. I politely told her that I had seen it available before and a sales assistant had shown it to me. She must have been offended at me questioning her because she then snapped back that i was mistaken. Woah. But I blame bloomies staff mostly. My friends have had issues with the Bloomies Burberry before. Get over yourselves ladies! We're just here to buy nice bags. :confused1: If the red carpet Burberry store can treat me nicely, so can you!
  2. Great choice in bag! That's a shame that happened, I've experienced similar treatment at Nordstrom once when inquiring about a style as well. But everyone at the Burberry store in downtown Chicago was incredibly friendly. I think it may just be a training issue :nogood:
  3. That is a gorgeous bag! Shame they were so rude to you.

  4. ^ Thank you. Next time I will give my business to the Burberry store on 57th. I just had a generous bloomingdales gift card and wanted to use it!!!

    Happy with purchase :biggrin:
    I can't believe it took me so long to get another Burberry piece since my initial visit in 2006! I'll never stray again!

    Question for everyone:
    I have the small tote but I know they sell a larger, medium version. I feel the small size is very generous in size. I'm 5'6 and 125lbs (I'm obviously also pictured above). I wonder how large the medium size would look on me. hmmmm. Does the medium LOOK that much bigger?
  5. Congrats!

    I think it really depends on where you go. A friend of mine was in San Fransisco and went into a Burberry store wanting to check it out because of how much I raved about it and he said they gave him the cold shoulder and didn't want to acknowledge him. And he dressed fairly well...but I agree, just the Bloomingdale's employees...
  6. Really nice bag I love it! Congrats. On a side note, I think you should give business to the store that treats you well, this is what you deserve for leaving your money with them.
  7. I like that bag! Congrats!
  8. Congrats on you bag!!! i got the haymarket check totebag this fall, just be real careful of the denim transfer. I dont know if my bag was just a fluck but it got pretty bad transfer, good thing its only towards the bottom where its not that noticeable. It look great on you!!!
  9. Lovely bag! Look fabulous on you!:woohoo:
  10. LOVE! I was thinking of getting this one... now that you've had it for a bit, how is it working out for you? Do you like the size & shape?
  11. Very nice bag! Hope you enjoy it! :smile:

    I never had any rude SA's in any Burberry store i've been to, been to stores in Germany, Paris, Netherlands and NYC.

    Hope you will have better experiences next time!
  12. Me, either. I can only buy Burberry items at my local Burberry store in Hungary. When I go there they often offer me OJ, mineral water, etc. too.
  13. I had an issue with Burberry in Palo Alto. The first time I was there, I was treated like royalty (bought a button down for the BF). The second time, was a disaster. I was looking for a studded wallet and all they had was the wallet lined in brown and green. I asked the associate if they had the black one or if they could order and she said it doesn't exist!

    I was dumb-founded, they had it online and at Nordies and when I pointed this out, she rolled her eyes-sighed and grabbed her tablet and proceeded to go online. The tablet didn't work and she later on said that "Nordstrom makes their own Burberry wallets" (after I pointed out that I saw it at Nordies).

    I ended up taking my business to Nordstrom where the girl there ordered it for me.

    AHHHH but I still love Burberry!
  14. Interesting on the customer service notes... A gal at the Santana Row store told me that the bag I fancied no longer came with the chocolate trim (only the new colored ones), but it was very much available on their website.

    And (unrelated), a gal at Nordies told me that they exclusively carried a certain bag with the red trim when I had just seen the exact same bag at the Burberry store the week prior. I told her that and she was very friendly about it - she told me that she had just gotten off the phone with Burberry and that's the info they had told her.

  15. I can honestly say the service I received at the London Bond Street store was the best I have have ever received in any high end store, at the Harvey Nichols concession however the SA was incredibly rude, maybe it has something to do with the department stores...