New bag blues

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  1. For many years all I had was £20 bags. Down to choice as I wasnt ready for the affair... Anyway, my old bags last me for ages and have had alsorts put into them. Chewing gum wrapped in a little paper, sachets of sugar from cafes, bottles of juice etc. Since I have been liking my bags alot more, I am REFUSING to carry anything that will splil, leak or mark my bag in anyway. I even had to check my best pen twice before gently popping it in. This I find annoying as when I am walking around in the hot sun, my bottle of juice is getting warm because I wont throw it into my bag and I no longer have my hands free. Is there anything you do with a new bag?:okay:
  2. I usually waterproof it with a leather conditioner/waterproofer. For fabric linings, I spray it with Scotchguard regularly, every 3 weeks or so.
  3. Oh, I didnt know you waterproof leather bags, I asumed it would have some kind of coating.
  4. Leather care Thanx, I will have a look but isnt it too late now I have been out in the rain with it. I hope not.
  5. I waterproof all my bags--I use kiwi protect-all. I spray it on my leather bags and canvas ones--water rolls right off it! It lets the leather breathe. so far I haven't had any problems with it!

    Usually that's all i do before I take it out for a spin. I feel my bags were bought and meant to be used. I don't necessarily baby them, but I certainly don't abuse them!
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    Cheers, Im sure Ive seen that brand local. How often do you re-apply it?
    Waterproof Ordering some now. Thankyou!
  7. Yes, I use Wilson's Leather protector (in an spray can for easy application) on my leather bags. Each different brand has its own recommendations for how often you should re-apply, so make sure to read the labels!
  8. Don't worry, the sun will be gone in a week or two ;)

    I also waterproof spray my bags (although not the lighter ones, I use a cream on those). I got a spray from my local Nordstroms, I'm sure if you hit up Selfridges or another higher end store they'd have a good recommendation.
  9. I ordered some of THIS ("THIS" is a clickable link)
  10. With regards to the lining, I carry pens and pencils in a pencil case. Make up in a make up purse.
  11. Ive started to do that now. A few small make up bags for keeping my junk in 1 place. It actually helps me find things quicker too. No more rumaging to find my inhaler.
  12. I like to carry pens/pencils in a wristlet or some pouch that zips so I never have to worry about marking up my bag. As for food, if I really want to bring something in my bag (say, snacks for a movie) I'll try and put them in a plastic bag or Ziploc bag of some sort.
  13. I don't want to put water bottles in to my bag also, so I found a solution - I shop something and then put the bottle in the shopping bag! :roflmfao:
  14. Its not a case of needing to carry food, it is the fact with a cheap everyday bag you really dont think about damage and they last for ages. Ive thrown in the odd cookie, half eaten choc bar and loose sweets years ago lol
  15. The clean/neat freak in me shivers at the thought of half-eaten food in a bag. ;)