New bag at

  1. WOW!:nuts:
    all the bags are so lovely!!:wlae:
    Im in love with them:heart:

    Just one quick question, i noticed that they changed the bags in luggage section, and their classic pieces are now located in fall 06. Does that mean they would go sale soon?:wlae: I'm going overseas this month, and was planning to get a large tote, and was wondering if these "luggage categorised" bags ever go on sale

  2. I just got the email this morning and have been looking at them over and over again, it's a really gorgeous collection I think :love:
  3. A Gucci SA once told me that luggage NEVER goes on sale...but you never know?
  4. girls, I'll pass on the floral one!
  5. Does it include the bags from the luggage category? or just the luggage typed bags? Thanks:yes:
  6. DROOL WORTHY... if only I didn't buy 1K worth of Azur stuff.. I'm eyeing all their wallets right now!!
  7. wow i love that platinum leather bag. the color goes so well with the scarf LVOE IT LOVE IT!
  8. I love the second tote in taupe/beige. Not fond of the floral one.
  9. I kind of liked the blue floral one, but I'm not to fond of the green or red combo. Also I really liked the sand python ones, what do you think of them?
    Heres a link to the whole collection: Gucci
  10. this collection is tdf! Even the "flora" looks much much better than the old floras!
  11. OMG OMG OMG:drool::drool::drool:

    love the GG fabric with the pink trimming
  12. the first one is so pretty! :smile:
  13. I love all of their cruise line. They are so gorgeous!
  14. They are gorgeous.
  15. love the 2nd bag!! thanks for posting =)