New bag and wallet!!

  1. Jah, I buy alot of stuff when I have holiday off from school..
    I have wanted a new wallet for years. People who have seen my wallet in my bag threat might agree that a new one would be good :P . I still have not found one I like 100%, so I bought a cool temporary one and I also bought a new red vintage bag... :smile:´
    I love vintage and little odd pieces like my lovely houndstooth.

    You like? (P.S the dress is not mine, hehe)

    2999637.jpg 3048321.jpg

  2. Nice-looking bag. What type of wallet are you looking for, Ronja?
  3. That bag looks great!!! I love the color :smile:
  4. Thanks..

    I don´t really know 100%, but I think a long, slim and not so big one in black or red. I like the old vintage look.

  5. Do they sell bags and wallets by Hester van Eeghen in Denmark? Just curious :smile:

    I stumbled onto her site yesterday and love what I've seen online of her work.

    Windows wallet:
    Hester van eeghen windows wallet museum of purses.jpg Hester van eeghen windows black.jpg
  6. Maybe, I don´t know....I have never seen any of her work before. Well, I do live in a small town. Maybe in Kopenhagen they sell some of her stuff... :smile:

  7. Very cute wallet !
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