New Bag and Sad Revelations....What to Do??

  1. Last week I ordered a Damier Speedy 25. I already have an Azur Speedy 30, but after carrying it for a weekend I realized it was too big. I have an Epi Speedy 25, but sometimes I feel like the opening is too small and the zipper scrapes my hand. So I was torn about what size I should get. I wondered if the opening of the 25 would be too small on all Speedy's or is Epi leather kind of restrictive?

    Well, today I got my answer! My package finally job didn't deliver it to me until today even though it got here yesterday at 3:34! (I'm such a stalker :ninja: I know!) So I immediately went out to my car and opened my package. I switched out my chameleon from my Michael Kors bag into my Speedy 25 and tested getting my things in and out. To my suprise and disappointment it was perfect! The 25 is definitely the size for me! Then I was kind of sad because I realized I was secretly hoping the 25 would be too small...why?

    Because now every time I carry my Azur I will wish it was a 25!!!! I know that's wrong, I should love her just the same and I do love her...but I know know my anal, obsessive-compulsive tendencies will give me just a slight twinge every time I carry her, wishing she was a little smaller. My only option would be to try and sell her on eBay. She's only been carried for 2 days and is like new, no patina or anything. But I doubt I'd get enough to buy a 25 for her. I'm so torn....I don't know what to do?

    On a brighter note, I'll take a pic of my Azur and her little sister when I get home. :smile:
  2. ^being as new as it is, I'm pretty sure you can get enough to buy the 25 if you sell it on eBay. You should have the one you really love and are comfortable with! good luck!
  3. Yeah, I know it's going to bug me so I guess I should just go ahead and put it up for sale. Btw, congrats on your mc noe!! :yes:
  4. just sell 'em..
  5. You should be able to get a good price on eBay.
  6. Yup, I think you have a good chance of getting enough money for a 25 on eBay. ;)
  7. maybe you should should just keep it and have one thats a 30?? i dont think you would get what you paid for it on ebay but you might get close to it. IMO the speedy 25 looks small no matter who is carrying it. i know there is a lot of people who will disagree with me on that but its totally a matter of personal preference. ;)

    Maybe you should keep it for a couple of weeks and if you find that you dont carry it or dont like carrying it then you should sell it, but if you find you dont mind it like you thought then you can keep it...
  8. Well, here's a pic of my Azur 30 and her little Ebone sister. I put the 30 up on Ebay tonight. If I don't get the reserve price I guess I'll have to re-evaluate if having the 30 really bothers me that much. I dunno, we'll see.

    I spent most of my evening and night helping my friend shop for her son's (my godson) 1st birthday party (I'm a Spooktacular Halloween Helper). So I was worn out when I got home. I'll take better pics tomorrow.
    Damiers.jpg Damiers2.jpg
  9. I love my Cerise 25, then I got the MC speedy b/c I had no choice with the size, then comes my Mirage w/c is also a 30. I prefer the 25 so much better, but also love the other 2 speedy 30. I'm keeping all 3!

    I also looked at Epi 25, since LV made the epi softer. I found that the opening is not the same as their regular monogram speedy. If you look at the epi, the Zipper ends at a shorter distance than the monograms. I think that's the contributing factor in the restricted opening.