New Bag and Heels

  1. Hey girls - havent posted here much but I just got the most adorable bag and heels - what do you think?
    Andreas new GL bag and heels.JPG
  2. My husband would like to marry you...LOL, Nice picture...
  3. That bag is pretty. The heels, sexy, but... Ouch! It hurts to wear them. Ladies, don't kill your feet.
  4. I LOVE YOUR HEELS where DID you get them at?
  5. Wow! :yes: You make them look good!
  6. What kind of bag is that? Where did you get it? I like it.
  7. Huh, what bag and shoes, I'm too distracted by the legs :nuts: J/k, they look great on and next to you!
  8. I love the bag and heels. Very sexy.
  9. Your picture looks like an ad! Wish I had your legs. Must be nice.
  10. Wonderful bag! Heels...are you really able to walk on them??
  11. :tup:

    You sexy mamma you!! haha LOVE both!
  12. Its from Cromia in Italy - I bought it in a fashion outlet in LA

  13. Oh my - how nice of you to say that. Thank You

  14. Good choices and great raw material with which to model - congratulations!
  15. I love the bag! And the shoes!