New Bag and Heels

  1. Sorry they dont match but I just HAVE to show off my new Lorenzi bag and heels! What do you think girls? Are they keepers?
    Andreas new GL bag and heels.JPG
  2. high are the heels!!! They are very pretty!!
  3. I can't believe you can walk in those heels! They look dangerously high. Very hot!
  4. if you can walk in them, then get it. so hot.
  5. wow! :tup:
  6. Those shoes are very sexy but they look painful!
  7. oh, my.. love them! I'd buy them just to take a pic in them LOL!
  8. No offense, they're just not my style, but if you love them, keep them!
  9. Blimey now they are what you call High Heels :wtf:
  10. Only for the first few days while I was breaking them in - now I wear them all the time

  11. Very high and very pointy. Also, I'm not into "toe cleaveage"
  12. Good thing the blinds were closed.
  13. I like the shoes. Where did you buy them?
  14. Congrats!!! Love the bag and the shoes are nice too...I must commend you for being able to walk in heels that high.
  15. heels are SEXYYYYY. bag is eh.