New bag and goodies from Dallas LV party *pics*

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  1. Had such a good time last night. Came out with a bag I never even thought about trying on, but I love it so much. Red epi petit noe!! This bag is amazing. I can't believe I never considered it before. Also got the l'inventeur to hang off the bag as a charm, got the icons book and SA gave me the letter opener as a gift--don't know if it's vip or just gift with purchase, but it was FREE! Didn't really see any out of the ordinary bags being carried, except for the scrunci I think it's called. The one that some say looks like a trash bag. So, here's some pics of the loot. It was a lot of fun to take the time and try on every bag I wanted to. It was worth going just to do that. Oh, and the champagne and chocolates where awesome!
    123.jpg 12345.jpg 123456.jpg 1234567.jpg
  2. I LOVE that handbag! ...and the rest of your loot. lol

    Can we say I'm JEA-LOUS??? lol
  3. YEAH! The noe is gorgeous!! I love that red!! CONGRATS! I am glad you had a good time!
  4. Lovely :love:
  5. ooh great bag and i LOVE the charm! and the letter opener!
  6. oh so so pretty...congrats on all your goodies, glad you had a good time
  7. congrats!!! :yes:
  8. congrats! sounds like you had a really great night!
  9. lovely bag..LoVe the Letter Opener!

    thats what I love about LV, you can try something totally unexpected on and its just perfect, almost like its perfectly made just for you!
  10. great stash, love it!!! congrats!!!
  11. wow great purchase COngrats!!!
  12. Love your noe..yummy all your new items, congrats!!!
  13. Beautiful bag, Texas Girl!!! glad you had fun... any party pics ? :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. Congrats on the new noe - very cute!

    Very jealous of your letter's so pretty!!!
  15. what a pretty bag and charm! congrats!!!