New Bag and Collection Post

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  1. I got a new swingpack yesterday at Macys, and I absolutely love it. I couldnt find it on the coach website, or I would have posted a picture of that too. I also included a collection picture, its only 3 items, but I plan to get a couple more things in Vegas in 2 weeks!
    new 004.jpg new 005.jpg
  2. Very pretty. Have fun in Vegas!
  3. Vegas will be totally fun! Can't wait to see what you haul in out there!
  4. Congrats! :yahoo:I really need a swingpack! (Maybe 4th of July outlet extravaganza?) lol. Have fun in Vegas & post pics!
  5. x
  6. so cute congrats!
  7. very cute! luv the duffle ;)
  8. Swingpacks are the BEST! You really do need at least one!
  9. I have been thinking about the swingpacks...oh how handy one would be! I think you have me convinced...thank you for posting!!
  10. Have fun in Vegas- now you've got a cute new bag to take with you!
  11. I had one about a year ago, and sold it (big mistake!) I love this because it can be worn 3 different ways, and its hands free, which is great when you have a toddler
  12. Oh and thank you everyone for your nice comments :smile:
  13. You have a great start to your collection. Everything is lovely! Congrats!
  14. Oh...I WANT that swingpack! I can't really afford it right now, but I know they're not able to be ordered from the boutiques anymore, and I should probably get one at Macy's before they run out, too.

    I really like your black bag, also!