New Bag and a Weird Warning

  1. I am now the very proud owner of an 04 LILAC First. I can not say enough about the color and the leather. Both are to die for!! This is my favorite by far of the 3 b-bags I have purchased. It cost a bit more but it was sooooo worth it. Thanks to a wonderful and very sweet PF'er Here are some pics since I want to show my new baby off:


    The funniest part of all of this is I just bought a bedspread and sheets and they are almost the exact same color. The bag is in amazing conditon and the handles are amazing for a bag this old. Plus the tassels are in very good shape as well. I just love, love, love this bag!!!

    Now on to my weird warning. You all are never going to believe what customs did to my bag and what Fed Ex told me after. When I opened the package I was very surprised to see red marker marks randomly on the dust bag. The same red marker that was on and under the tape used to reseal the bag after customs opened it. The dust bag was pretty dirty too. I looked the bag over and at first glance it looked ok. When I looked really hard I found a tiny red marker mark on my bag.


    You can't really see it unless you look close but I almost died when I saw it. I emailed the seller just to make sure but I knew in my heart that there was no way the bag left her in this condition.

    Of course I was right so I called fed ex and complained. They told me that I was lucky that even though it had been marked as a gift that customs might of thought it was a sample and marked it to prevent re-sale. The women told me that they have been known to even drill holes in items and I am lucky it did not come with a big hole in it. She also said I was lucky that it did not come with big red marks all over the bag. I am telling you I would of died if I took it out of the bag and a hole was in it.

    In my opinion who ever looked at this bag just had a red marker in their hands and just wasn't careful and stuff got marked. I would say they marked it on purpose but the marks on the dust bag are so random.

    Anyway I wanted to show off my new baby and give a word of warning about marking things as gifts when they are shipped.
  2. How in the world does Customs have the RIGHT to damage someone's bag????? Sample, gift or not!!!
  3. Wasn't fed ex but USA Customs and they seem to be able to do what ever they want.
  4. Meemie, congratulations :yahoo: on your GORGEOUS new bag!! :drool: That color is simply TDF and the leather is soooo smooshy!!! :love: Lucky duck!!:wlae:

    I cannot BELIEVE the NERVE of FedEx/Customs??!!!:cursing: What gives??? Can you imagine if they really messed up a bag - especially of this expense! If I were you, I'd absolutely raise a HUGE stink with FedEx/Customs...write, call, do whatever you can. They have NO RIGHT to damage a purchase like that. HORRIBLE!!:yucky:

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
  5. Oh sorry - I edited my post but still - US Customs has the right to damage an item??? That is not right.
  6. Meemie, the bag is amaaaaazing!!! It takes my breath away. Congratulations on your purchase!!!!
  7. OMG!! that color is to die for!! ahh its by far my favorite color, tied with blue india of course! hehe sorry to hear about customs!! so weird?? I have heard a number of stories about weird things like this! congrats though, its beautiful!
  8. Yes, it is a gorgeous bag!! Nice color.
  9. I've bought 2 bags from out of the US - the mailing pouch the first one was in was torn (but the bag seemed ok); the second bag in a box was untouched. What was yours packed in?
  10. It was in a mailing pouch but it had been opened and re-sealed by customs. There was a sticker that said it had been opened.
  11. Fortunately, it doesn't seem that the mark is that noticeable - but I think US Customes has a responsibility to take reasonable care of items and that doesn't seem to be reasonable. But it would be so difficult to follow thru on this - how would you prove the value, etc. I am wondering how we prevent this on all of our future purchases?
  12. That's absolutely crazy! I've bought numerous items/handbags from outside of the US--I've NEVER heard of or seen this happen! OMG I would absoutely FREAK! Especially a mark on a leather item!?

    Deep breath...ok....alright, I'm better, but that truely SUCKS! :throwup: :throwup:
  13. Just wondering...what country did the bag come from??
  14. it's beautiful! don't let the little mark (which i can barely see!) bother you!
  15. That's SUCH a beauty!!! :drool: