New Bag Accessory >> Pompons Laine Et Cuir (Wool & Leather)

  1. Very cute.:heart: I couldn't resist and I brought it home.

    This just arrived from Paris. S$270 ~USD180.

    It's a set of 3 wool pom pom balls. Parchemin & Rouge Vif. The chocolate colour is standard. There are other colour combos available. The pom pom balls at the ends cannot be moved. Only the smaller pom pom (parchemin) can be moved along the leather cord. Strongly recommended as a Garden Party accessory.

    I was informed that for SS2008, it will be wool pom poms & silk (printed scarf motifs).:nuts:

    More of these will be arriving at our H stores.
    H Pom Pom.jpg H Pom Pom 2.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    How adorable!! :cutesy:Thanks for posting this, MrsS!

    PS: Are those new shoes behind your birkin? :graucho:
  3. ^^ LOL, Queenie! Nothing escapes you. Yes, I went shoes shopping with Asa this morning. :yes:
  4. cute pompoms but i have to say i adoooore your choc choc cyclamen B. it is just yummy.
  5. Adorable!
  6. Cute! I wonder if the US stores will get these?
  7. MrsS - You have the best accessories (plus cyclamen/chocolate bi-colour birkin:love:!!!). These poms poms are adorable. I just wish I have more bags to hang all my cadenas and purse charms and perhaps some pom poms in the near future.
  8. Ahhahahah balls, balls! :roflmfao: Can't help giggling. :tup: If those were in my hands I'll use them to disturb my DH.

    So cute!:balloon:
  9. Adorable! I love this, thanks for letting us know!
  10. Cute. I wonder whether each store will get some??
  11. ADORABLE!! Congrats.
  12. How cute are those!!!
  13. Well done on the accessories today, MrsS. Congrats on the shoes. ;)
  14. Mrs S

    there soooooooooo cute!
    love the bags too
  15. Those are so cute! :upsidedown: