new bag - a classic?

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  1. After much thinking about what to buy for spring (and seriously considering a paddington) I did a complete 180 degree turn around and bought a "classic" (for me, anyway!).

    An antique white MJ Stella with the original brass buckled hardware (part of the limited edition reissue line).


    I've longed for this bag in this color ever since I saw the original ad campaign with Stella Tennant way back when:


    This isn't my first Stella, I actually have several. But I thought white would be fresh and show off the hardware, and I so love this bag.

    I'm excited! Thanks for letting me share!
  2. :love: I love that bag and I almost got the medium size one in black last month but I changed my mind and bought other bag instead. This bag is in my wish list and I would like to have one one day.:love: .
  3. I love it youngprof! MJ is definitely a new classic.
  4. Beautiful!!!! Where did you find it?

    Nevermind, just saw it on Neimans. Never would have imagined from the picture that you could wear on the shoulder. I'm liking it more now.
  5. Have yall seen this new Ferragamo shoulder bag? What do you think of it? There are three colours I have seen all of them in SF Boutique, I am thinking of getting the tan colour one. I am attaching these pics but couldn't find the tan colour one?

    View attachment 1976

    View attachment 1977
  6. wow!
    you much does it cost?
  7. The price is $1090.
  8. i would have said at least 1300.
  9. The Ferragamos are so cute and classy! I really like both colors,don't know what the tan one looks like yet.
  10. I will post pic the tan one if i see one:love: .
  11. Great bag, Youngprof! Enjoy!
  12. I just got word that the bag has shipped! I haven't been this excited about a bag in a long time (this is a good sign that I've chosen well, I think). I'll have to post a picture when it shows up!
  13. Please do! I've been on a quest for the perfect white bag, and this one may be It!
  14. I dont know why, I can't seem to get excited aout this bag. The color is beautiful though :biggrin:
  15. It is here!

    I love it, love it, love it. The lining is the most scrumptious custard colored suede, the leather is lovely, and I love the antique brass finish on the hardware, just gold enough but not too shiny. Perfect for me!

    If only I had a digital camera here at work!