New Backyard Residents (Bird lovers!)

  1. Aren't they sweet? The nest is build in a great spot in our fence. We can get close enough to see but not so close that we scare mama away. She actually sits on our neighbor's fence (about 2 feet away) when we look at the babies. Remarkably tame.

    They look so adorable when they stick their little heads up for food.
    babies.jpg mama.jpg
  2. awwww!! They are soo cuuute!! :smile: little bebehs hehe
  3. I love little baby birds. I had a pair of finches that put a nest on top of the post that holds up the awning over my front door. I checked up on them constantly, and always worried when the mother bird left. I am pretty sure everbody was fledged safely, but my husband put a walnut up there so they wouldn't build another nest so I wouldn't spend all my time worrying about it. :rolleyes:
  4. Awwww how cute!! All I ever get in my yard are magpies!
  5. We keep checking on them, too! We've also got a pair of cardinals in the front of our house. We've been leaving them seeds & they come right up to our window. I guess my bird is "putting out the word" that this is a bird-friendly place to be. She can be heard squawking from
  6. Awwwwwww!!! Sooooo precious & cute! :smile:
  7. You managed to get some great shots! Those are great. I love watching baby birds grow and fly off.
  8. so cute I love birds!!!
  9. How cute! My boyfriend has a robin's nest in his backyard, but it is too high up to see what's inside. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  10. Aww! So cute! I love to see birds at our house! My parents put out a lot of bird houses and we see new babies and families every spring!!! It's so cute!
  11. Great photo of the babies. I love birds.
  12. Aww, sweeties!