New Baby's First Outing

  1. What could be more appropriate than to take my new Birkin to the SCP Hermes Scarf Event. My daughter and I were mesmerized watching the artisan create two scarves right before our eyes. Its was also fun to see the other Birkins in the crowd; two 35cm black with pall, one 30cm (pardon my niativity with the colors) light grey w pall and a 35 cm light brown (carried by a man - no less!!! and didn't see his wife around).

    How fortunate we are to have this event. My children's school even has a field trip to watch the process next week (only in so cal...).:rolleyes:
  2. Awww how fun!!! Your baby got to meet others on it's first outing!

    And WOW, I wish I had awesome field trips like that!!
  3. How do they make the scarves? Tell us more!!!
  4. How interesting, I'd love to see a scarf being made.
  5. What a great first outing for your birkin!
  6. I can't believe school has field trip for it!:lol: I live in the wrong place! How old are the students who go? I am really curious??
  7. I hope I get this right... At least this will give you an idea. I hope its not too long...

    Several artists submit ideas/drawings. One is chosen... Then another artist/designer has to separate the drawing into several different pages (???) by color (This is a very time consuming process.). From each page a silk screen is made (and again this is another process in itself and it sounds like its similar to etching in jewelery making); one screen for each color.

    The demonstration is done with (or on) a special table and two scarves are made at a time.

    A screen is placed about a milimeter above the fabric. The ink (like a colored glue) is placed along one end of the screen. The maker takes a squeegy and pushes the ink once forward and once backward careful to use the same amount of pressure each time. He then removes that screen and places another screen with the next ink and repeats the process. The go from darkest colors to lightest colors. The ink is thicker for finer areas and thiner for larger area.

    He made two different scarves while we were there; one with 8 colors and one with 10.

    After they are done it also goes through other processes (a giant steamer to set the color...).

    However, at the factory 100 meters of silk is used and several scarves are made at once and they do have a machine that pushes the ink back and forth.

    Quality Control: There is an approximate 2% error rate and those scarves that don't pass are destroyed at the factory.

    I may have to go back and watch again. It was truly incredible.
  8. Wow, can I go to that school?
    It sounds like great fun.
    Do tell us more.
  9. Oops 2muchlux we posted at the same time.
    Thanks for the explanation.
    Can you post pictures?
  10. How cool! I'd also love to hear more about what you saw!
  11. You explained that well!:idea: thanks!!! I would go back too!!!:love:
  12. Its the middle school sixth graders. Our school went about 5 years ago too. The school even got a scarf that was auction off at our spring benefit. I was new to the school then and not sure how that worked. But again - how fortunate is that!?!
  13. Didn't have my camera. But I am so lame with the whole posting photo thing anyway. I saw one man taking pics and thats it. Hopefully someone will and post them. So sorry.
  14. wow that sounds fun!! i wish i can attend such event
  15. Wheee! I'm going next week! I can't wait!