New baby

  1. Last year..the day before Mother's day, unexpectly, God gave me a gift of a precious PM size baby(preemie)..I was soooo drugged up..nervous..confused..happy.. and excited.

    This year..the day before Mother's day..unexpectly, Hermes God gave me a gift of a precious PM size baby. I am sooooo drugged up..with my own adrenaline..happy..excited..and yea..still a little bit confused..
    She is an Orange Paris Bombay..and here are the baby pictures :smile:

    (Thanks to PF member Jehaga's birkin power when we walked into that Hermes botique. Her birkin just brings all the Hermes luck!!):love:



    parisbombay1.jpg parisbombay2.jpg parisbombay3.jpg
  2. OOOOHHHHH... it's so pretty! Congratulations!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. Congratulations on your incredible bag! It's simply amazing and looks fantastic on you! Was this from SCP? My SA their told be they hadn't received any Paris Bombay bags (as of a month ago) so this is sooo exciting!!
    I just adore it in orange!
    Happy Mothers Day!:heart:
  4. OMG!!!!
    It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that bag! Congrats and Happy Mother's Day.
  5. Thank yooooou...:heart::heart:

    Yea GreenTea..We got it at SCP..and the SA said this is the first one in the store...!!!! He hasn't seen the GM or MM yet..I am curious what they look like..
  6. Beautiful! Simply stunning and looks GREAT on you! Thanks for posting the pics! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!
  7. How special that the first one went to you!
  8. Congratualtions!!!

    What a wonderful Mother's Day you had since last year till this year and for the rest of your life!!!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!!
  9. Welcome Fesdu!! And congrats - another orange girl!!! And darn you look great for having a baby yesterday lol....that bag looks awesome on you...can I ask about the bracelet? Is that Hermes also?? (we like to know every detail please!)
  10. Thanks guys are sooooo sweet!!
    Dang Shoes..what great eyes you have!!! Yes that's an Hermes bracelet. I need to take a pic of it and ask you guys about it. I got it as a bday gift a couple years ago...didn't know anything about color or leather then. So..I'll need the expertise of the PF girls :idea:
  11. What a pretty bag! Congrats!
  12. That is a beautiful bag and I love that color. Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day!!
  13. That's beautiful! Love the orange! :o)
  14. That's beautiful! Congrats!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS! It is the most darling bag I've seen in a long time! And you look absolutely fantastic with it! Is it in Epsom leather?

    Love your bracelet. Is that the Kelly Double Tour? Seriously, you have great style.