New baby puppies!

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  1. I know how people feel about breeding animals with the existing overpopulation, but I could not help but get excited at the fact that my baby girl is now a grandmother!

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  2. I want the yellow one. All females by the way.
  3. awww...I love puppies. I have been watching live feed of a litter of lab puppies all weekend.

    I have 2 yellows and 1 black lab - I love them all!! :heart:
  4. Lovely babies!

    It is not a crime to breed animals, (you have no need to be apologetic) especially purebreds. Otherwise, some breeds would disappear.

  5. ooh where where is that live feed ? :drool:

    Cute puppies!:heart:
  6. HOW CUTE! I just want to hug them!
  7. Congratulations to the proud grandma!
  8. aww congrats soo cute
  9. They are adorable when they're so young. All females! Cool!
  10. SO CUTE! congrats!
  11. Congratulations...they are adorable!
  12. Awww...super cute!! Congrats :heart::yes: