New baby in my Bal fam!

  1. Everyone say hi to Roberto! (named after the guy who invented toilet paper, lmao!)


    Black mini toilet! Picked up this cute thanng at NM on Saturday totally unexpectedly, and love him! I was actually looking for a coin purse but they didn't have any so i asked to see this one.. and ended up totally falling in love! (figures, right? heh)

    I know it's not the most exciting purchase, but i thought i'd share! Here's some more pics:flowers::heart:



    ^^ Hanging out in my messy pile of cds, hahah:angel:
    roberto.jpg robertoo.jpg robertooo.jpg
  2. Fun! I like the pumpkin pic!
  3. Totally cute!!!
  4. Very nice addition Sammy!
  5. Shouldn't he be "Robertito" actually? ;) Very cute. :yes:
  6. ^ hahaha Thanks everyone :smile:
  7. congrats! he is so cute. love the pumkin photo. is it big enough for a clutch or no?
  8. I love the leather on Mr. Roberto - congrats sammydoll!!
  9. I think it definitely is! (though i'm a small girl, so if you were bigger you may not feel that way) That's probably the biggest reason i'm glad i went with the toilet instead of the coin, though.. and it can hold tons too!

    I'll take a picture of me holding it tomorrow if you like :smile:
  10. Very cute! Wanted to buy one initally but I hv too many coin purses so hv to give this a miss for the time being. Congrats, great choice!
  11. Very cute and it does look like it can hold a lot.
  12. Hi little a good boy to your mommy since she loves you very much.

    Congrats to this cutie!
  13. Congratulations! It's so cute.
  14. congrats on your new baby Sammy! btw, been wanting to ask you for a while... those gorgeous eyeglasses of yours with the diamantes... what make are they? you mind telling me? thanks!
  15. It's so the classic black, so versatile...congrats~