New baby from LV....can you guess????

  1. Any ideas????
  2. wallet?
  3. actually the box s too big..speedy 25?
  4. ??
  5. Not a wallet.....bigger....
    Pomme Roxbury2.jpg
  6. Bought something to match my new Louboutins.....
  7. so what is it?
  8. Argh... I hate strip teases.

    Idk.. Suhali L'Aimable? Epi Madeline?
  9. :popcorn:
  10. I am sure it is beautiful!!! Can't wait to see what you got!!!!
  11. Was waiting to strip for you John......
    IMG_1499.JPG IMG_1500.JPG IMG_1502.JPG IMG_1503.JPG
  12. I love the popcorn smiley!!! Laugh at it everytime.
  13. Nice!!! Congratulations.
  14. i just about to say something in vernis, but then i scrolled down to comment and there are pics!! lolz... the hint about the shoes gave it away :p - did they give you a box?
  15. Very nice! Congrats.