New Baby Cabas Coming Out For Fall!

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  1. Holy H---d-on! * Jillian at Palm Beach Gardens Chanel store told me today that a new baby Cabas, in leather patchwork, will be coming out for fall and she also said that in Chanel, metallics will still be hot..........

    * i know i can't get away with typing the whole word in the PF! :p
  2. OMG! I can't wait to see the patchwork cabas!!
  3. OMG!!!! Thanks for sharing! I want to see this!!!!
  4. OMG..Claudia..Jillian is the gal that helps me too(I bought 2 bags from herand a cc wallet!)!!ROFL!!!
    we are soul Chanel funny is that!

    PS-I want any ans all new Cabas bags..MUSt call her..heehee

  5. I saw pics of the cabas patent patchwork bag yesterday at my boutique in the pre-fall book. It had gold hardware w/the classic chains for the straps. I'm not interested in the patent patchwork at all, I'm hoping the leather patchwork will look better.

    There's also a bag from the the bubble ligne that resembles the lady braid satchel, but it's made of distressed lambskin and has classic chains, no thick braided handle. One bag that wowed me was the shar pei tote or something to that effect. That's definitely on my list.
  6. anyone have any photos of the patchwork?? =) i'd love to see!
  7. Jenn, the Shar Pei tote is close to $4K! :wtf: Unless there is a smaller version, I'd rather have the dog versus the bag!!
  8. I put my name down for the Shar Pei after only seeing a small picture. I couldn't tell whether it would be a really cool looking bag or a bag that looked like it collapsed on itself. What were your impressions?
  9. Jill, the Gardens Trunk Show is Memorial Day! interesting day to have it on, because if I see too many gorgeous bags i will pass out and die and the day will be my memorial :roflmfao: i remember that you had something sent to you by Jillian...

    Jillian had never seen the patchwork leather..............but i shall def be at the Trunk Show to view it...what is the Sharpei bag?
    i will be up there within a few days to pick up my dark silver baby in-person SA there is Kerri who got it from another Chanel
    it is being sent to the store instead of my home because DH is still recovering from a posse of Fed Ex trucks that have left items of luxury on our doorstep lately (not for DH lol)
    when i know more bout the leather patchwork, i will report and/or post pics!!
  10. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the info.
  11. when you said "patchwork", all i could think of was the LV tribute one. lol! hopefully it's better than what i'm imagining!!

  12. I thought that it looked like the luxe ligne tote with the chains intertwined in the body of the bag, but w/ ruched sides. Hmm, you're right about the fact that it might collapse on itself. If I put the bag down, I don't want it to look like an accordian.

    Roey: 4k?!?!:wtf: Ok, nevermind. I'd rather have 2 reissues or jumbos or the dog!
  13. luxe ligne tote with ruching and chains going down sides? uh oh i do love that.......but i too hope its not a jumble of LV-ish logos
    best bet that it will be a subtle patchwork having nothing to do with logos, just squares/areas of leather having diff shades and textures
  14. Thanks for the info!

    Jillian is a sweetie! I've bought a few things from her too!

    Can't wait to go to the trunk show!!!
  15. The chanel store in Short Hills already has a waiting list for the sharpey bag