New baby BB today!

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  1. congrats... she's so beautiful!
  2. Love her! I already have one in black and one in outremer and I adore them! They actually hold more than you would think. Congratulations!! Now I want a pink one.
  3. gorgeous - congrats!
  4. Luvhandbags: Thank you, actually you were the one to get me going on this after I read your posts! Just needed a little push, not hard with BB! This is a deep red tone, I am waiting for a GGH Red Rouge Vermillion City from Erica and think it is a brighter red from what I researched so far.
  5. ig1s: thank you also! Is that a Pom in your thread? I am also a Pom addict! I had 3 that gotten old and passed and now have 2 girls again! :heart:
  6. They also had another style there at NM it was a cut out strap with buckles on strap and GSH, having 2 pouches side by side, in black, shorter strap,but adjustable, but not as tall. That is why I decided on this one.
  7. :woohoo:Lovely cute bag! Congratulations~
  8. Gorgeous colour! Many congrats and enjoy it.
    How about a mod pic? :flowers:

  9. This bag is so cute!!! Lovely color! I've seen it on and it is a pic there where the model wears it crossbody. Love crossbody bags, it's so comfy! Yes, please post some mod pics!:graucho:
  10. Very pretty!
  11. Beautiful!!!
  12. That's really nice! Love the colour. This would be such a great bag when you don't need to carry much. I love that you could wear it over the shoulder and messenger style if you wanted. Congrats!
  13. Wow it's so pretty. I really like that style :biggrin:
  14. I am starting to fall in love with this style. It seems to handy, how it can be worn cross body or doubled up. Congrats, it's so cute!