New Baby: '03 Twiggy red - wish: '04 Anis

  1. Yesterday I received my "new" baby: the 2003 red Twiggy !!! It's a beautiful bbag and a very smooth leather - I love it ;)! My collection on Bbags "today" are: 2005 bubblegum-pink classique first, 2004 turquoise city and the 2003 red twiggy !
    But I wish to find also a '04 Anis or Lilac (city or first classique) !!! :P Maybe you know somebody who would be willing to sell her baby?? :love:

    My other bags are: Dior Gaucho "chalk"-white and 3 Hermès: Birkin black in Togo (gold-hardware), Kelly-bag brown (silver-hardware) and the 30-Birkin Toile/Barenia (gold-hardware) .... this one I'm ready to sell ! ;)
    106-0623_IMG.JPG 106-0621_IMG.JPG 106-0619_IMG.JPG 106-0618_IMG.JPG SP_A0016_000.jpg 106-0628_IMG.JPG
  2. Yummy it looks like an ice cream shoppe
  3. Ooooo very nice!!
  4. wow... you have nice collections
  5. YUMMMMYYY colors!!!!!!!! Great collection, firstclass1!!!
  6. You have a fabulous collection!
  7. irene, again, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your bagsssss....:nuts: :love: :love:
  8. i think someone, Greendv, is selling her anis city but i'm not sure if it's been sold.

  9. Thank you so much, sweetsparkle, but I fear it's already sold :sad2: . . . hope to find another one . . . one day ! Thanks anyway - it's o nice !

  10. Thank you honey ;) ... have you received my PM ?
  11. Beautiful collection! :biggrin: :love: :love:
  12. VERY PRETTY!!! (and I love your birkins too!!! you have THREE??? Gimme one!!! LOL ;))

  13. Thanks! Oh YES jeannie, no problem - I've decided to sell the Toile/Barenia 30-Birkin ! Let me know if you're interested ;)
  14. 0o0o00o nice!!!!! thanks for the pics!!!
  15. That turquoise is stunning! I want one :love: :nuts: