New babies, pics, and what's available NOW at Ala Moana

  1. I had a great shop at Ala Moana boutique today!

    First of all, found a good SA! Hawaii girls - it's SAM! The older haole gentleman. I've seen him around before and never considered trying him, but he was GREAT. He's also a good friend of my friend Mark who used to be a SA there. So we had a good chat. I made him promise to put me on the Gold Miroir Lockit List as soon as the announcement was made, too!

    I ended up with the Pampelonne PM, Speedy Inclusions in Pomme and Framboise, and I got my boyfriend a wallet.

    My next purchase HAS to be a digital camera, because my horrible pics are getting increasingly embarassing.

    Here is the Pamp, speedies, and wallet. Pamp is SO big. It'll be a great beach bag, though. The rope handles are so cool!


    Here's the wallet. Brown and from the Taiga line, I think? His old wallet is SO nasty, hope he likes this one! :smile: If he does, I'm going to get his initial stamped on it like John5 did. :wlae:

    My Mono riveting with the framboise speedy. So cute! I carried my Riveting to LV today and everyone was admiring it. :love: I felt special! I'm so glad I got this bag.

    As far as what I saw Ala Moana had in stock...
    • Black Riveting
    • Jack and Lucie (monogram) --- DAMMIT, I didn't need to order, lol!
    • The keychains that are like the plate that comes on the Riveting and Pochette in Gold and Silver. They're a bit over $200. They looked amazing, I almost bought one but restrained myself.
    • Etoile Bandeau (sp?) in grey
    • Lots of Pomme stuff including the cles and jewelry
    Sorry, didn't have time to fully investigate because I had to get to school!

    I also checked out the MC stuff. GAWD. Can't wait to dive into that collection. Bolounge (sp?) was looking SEXY in person. So damn big, LOVE IT. Petite Noe looked huge too... their display bags are all so stuffed and fat looking, though.
  2. Sam is cool. He sold me a couple of bags ages ago but he is usually busy. His wife is from Spain and he speaks a ton of languages.

    I have the Speedy key chain on hold and will be going tomorrow I think.

    Congratz on sticking to what you said you were going to get. I am surprised you didn't get the miroir key chain.

    And yes, please get a digi cam!

  3. congrats!
  4. LOVE that Pamp !!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Wow, so beautiful everything is!!! Congrats :heart:
  8. Holy cow!!! Lots of goodies!! Congrats!! :yes:

    Im a TOTAL gucci girl looking to purchase my first LV....want something cute and trendy but something i can carry for a while....

    Pardon me as i am a LV novice....what IS that last bag called that you got? and how much was it?

    Its very very cute, the first LV bag that ive seen and fell head over heels for!! :smile: can you carry it on ur shoulders?

    HELP please :smile:

    SPANKS! ;)
  10. congrats on all the new stuff!!!! i think i'm going to have that same reaction to MC the next time i stop by LV. i'm such a sucker for MC hehe.

    i also like the wallet you got for your bf. i believe my dad has it in black and its gorgeous!! :smile:
  11. I love all of your new things! That pamp will be PERFECT in Hawaii! haha and I'm jealous of your Riveting, but not for long!! 10 more hours and I'll have mine!!!! And wow! I've been wanting the Boulogne Blck MC too! Did you like it a lot???
  12. congrats! thanks for the info! im going to ala moana soon!
  13. Great stuff! I love the Azur!!
  14. Hi there!

    It's called a Riveting Bag, and this one's in monogram. They're around $1900 and seasonal/LE (read: is not a permenant part of LV's collection). They also have it in white and black lambskin for a little over $3k. It's not a shoulder bag, at least in monogram.

    Here are some links with more info:
  15. congrats, great purchases!