new b bag!

  1. :yes:

    i just got my new b bag first... though im doubtful about the authenticity of it! urgh so frusfrating... it has all the accurate detail of a Balenciaga bag but the thing is it do it come with horizontal (landscape) folded card with text inside. as according to !! should i even be bothered by it?
    i bought it at a reputable shop in melbourne miss louise n urgh im just worried!! :shrugs: :hysteric: btw isit blueindia? not sure of the colour!

    p.s sorry for the horrible pic! just finish exam! :wlae:
  2. gorgeous color.. congratulations :smile:
  3. hehe.. thanks! i'm loving it! i might go get another b bag... probably a medium in green :balloon: :party:
  4. Congrats! It looks authentic to me, and yes it's blue india. Sometimes the inside tags can be missing, so don't worry about it. But, if it bothers you, I would go back to the store and let them know. Those info tags are all the same and I'm sure they could pull one from another bag.
  5. I really love it

    it`s a nice bag



    FX van Leeuwen
  6. Hey sweetie! Congratulations! Your bag is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    However, I need to warn you about something. My SA at Chanel told me that the owners of Miss Louise encountered a problem regarding authenticity of their bags. Apparently, they have been selling a mixture of fakes and the real deal. Be very careful when you purchase from them! Also, they mark up their prices by quite a bit so it's better to get your balenciaga bags from Good luck!
  7. Hi Ziazia - gorgeous bag. I'm confused. Are you saying that the bag did come with the folded card or not? I got a folded card with writing in it with my Grenat City, the older bags didn't have this card - unless it was the metallics.

    From the initial pic it looks like BI and looks authentic. If you are concerned, post a pic of the tag (in the Auth. This thread).

    I think it's beautiful!
  8. eekk beautiful color... !!! :drool: :drool:
  9. Looks authentic and very nice to me.

  10. thanks no it didnt come with it! ya i think i will just give them a ring tomorrow and ask about the tag! thanks alot u guys! :smile:

    oh gosh i didnt know they sell fakes! tsk tsk shame on them!

    :sos: god pls let it be the real bbag! beside with the horizontal (landscape) folded card with text inside *missing* everything looks good to me!

    soo going to use it for my friend's bday dinner tomorrow! hehe
  11. I love this color! I'm sure it looks wonderful on you. :love:
  12. maybe you could post pics of the silver tag and the back of the leather with the numbers?
  13. wow i love that color and the first is my favorite size i love how cute it is
  14. A BI First!! It's gorgeous! Congratulations!!
  15. It defintiely looks authentic to me! Congrats!