new b-bag! would love opinions and have a question!

  1. sooo...yesterday i was in Barney's new york looking for a light weight bag...i found a prada that i liked but didn't love yet bought it anyway...well, while i was paying for it, there was a lovely woman buying some balenciaga and i asked her if she was part of TPF and she is!! small world!! anyway, i digress...while paying i saw a gorgeous bbag and i went in today, returned one bag to bloomingdale's and the prada to Barney's and got a bbag!!! the only thing is, i don't know the name of it! on the tag it says:
    pleine fleur aniline
    it's a goregous deep green with silver GH....
    can anyone tell me which bag i bought? (all i know is that the color is so gorgeous and i LOVE silver hardware!!!)
    also, it cost 1595.00 if that helps in identifying it...
  2. On the card you took the info from, there is a code. Something like 2007 3 173084 D941N 111. I made up that particular number...but there is a style code embedded in it. The 2007 3 designates the season in 2007, the 173084 means it is a city, the D941N means giant silver hardware, and the 111 is some sort of color code.

    Please post the code, and I will decipher it for you.
  3. Congratulations! Well, what is the shape of the bag? For sure sounds like the new Pine w/SGH.
  4. The color is pine. I'm not sure about the style, for the price it could be either a city or brief. Does it have a shoulder strap? If it does then it's a city, if not then it's probably a brief.
    By the way, congrats on your first bbag!
  5. it's got handles and a shoulder strap...the color is GORGEOUS!!! jburgh, is it okay to PM you with the info?
  6. congrats!
  7. that's it!!!!
  8. can you post pictures? I would love to see it! It sounds gorgeous!
  9. bellefiore posted ^ there! it's gorgeousssss!
  10. Congrats!