New B-bag Style On The June Issue Of Elle

  1. [​IMG]
  2. WHOA! :drool: That is beautiful... I wonder if it is the Grape color, or maybe the Paprika?

    Oh, but the price tag...
  3. i think it's called the lune...i've also seen pics of it in ocean and purple with black trim...
    i'm having incoralblue ask some questions about it at the trunkshow...
    i really like it...
  4. Wow, what a chic bag!
  5. It has to be the Grape, Paprika is more a dark orange (like a Poppy color).
  6. this is the grape...


    i think it's the's hard to tell in the pic...
    here's my scan of it...

  7. ^Oh, those two look a bit different.

    I don't remember Rouille being that dark but I don't remember Cinnamon being that light either.

    Another Balenciaga mystery.
  8. uuugh this whole guessing and mystery balenciaga colours thing is too stressful for me ! one day i will end up having a heart attack and will sue them for health damages ! :roflmfao:
  9. Seeing it in the magazine it looks very rust colored. Deffinitely not Grape! Does anyone know the dimensions?
  10. here's a pic of it on a model...this bag looks slightly different than the one from elle, but at least it gives you an idea of the size...

  11. wow, that bag is fantastic! loooooove!
  12. maybe its the sienna. I really love it in that color.
  13. THanks for posting....great pics~~
  14. Beautiful color, would love it in a DAY.
  15. The more pics I see of this bag, the more I want it. Not that I'll have any money left over after I get my steel day bag and marigold work. The price is killing me!