"New" b-bag purchases; my first "purse"

  1. Apple green City and Blueberry Purse. I just love the purse style; better than the city. I love the deep pockets!
  2. woo hoo!!!! congratulations!:drinkup:
    great bags!!! i'm also waiting for a purse, in blue india! i think it's a very pretty style.
  3. very pretty!! congrats!
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats on your new adds!!
  6. Lovely! Modeling pics please!
  7. Your new Blueberry Purse is gorgeous. The Purse style is really nice! Congratulations!
  8. Congrats. :P
    They are both beautiful. I have the Blueberry in Day and i love it.:smile:
  9. Beautiful photo, those colors looks great together!
  10. oooh... they're so beautiful :yahoo:
    i also love the purse, the handle is more comfortable
  11. 0o0o blueberry purse!!! YUMMY!!!
  12. You collection is beautiful... Congrats! :yahoo: I really like the purse :heart: :P :heart:
  13. so is it really getting discontinued? are we sure????
  14. Love the blueberry!!!
  15. Great colors!! I'm envious! And yes, is the Purse going to be discontinued??