New B-bag design?

  1. At this point Bluefly could label a dog's arse as Balenciaga they are soo far gone. :rolleyes: :P
  2. hehehe, the straps remind me of chanel...
  3. True that! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. Ya that beady straps is so freaking weird. :blink:

    And someone actually bought it too!! It's gone now.
  5. I just DO NOT trust Bluefly right now! And no...I've never seen that crazy bag!!
  6. I wondered about that too.
  7. There was a news story last night on our local Fox affiliate (found it as I was flipping channels after LOST. I am no Fox fan.) But they played a teaser about 'local discount shopping'. So I sat thru the ads and then saw it....not bad...Filene's Basement, blah, blah. But then they interviewed some chick from Bluefly and showed the web address on the screen. She sat their smirking and kept repeating 'everything we sell is absolutely authentic'. She didn't really play up that it was discounted. Just 'absolutely authentic'.

    Do you think they're getting the PR campaign underway?

    The problem is, of course, that the bubbly anchorwoman just parroted what the spokeswoman said. It's hopeless. :mad:
  8. :yes: :lol:
  9. Bluefly is history as far as I'm concerned. Btw, I have not seen that bag ... ever.

  10. its definately not sister has a smaller version in a berry pink, she got it from earlier this year....its much cuter than this monstrosity though.....but its no fake....this style come in a light blue too it think....
  11. oh and hers is all leather too...its mad small though so i dont like it.
  12. Yup, this isn't fake - it's just a less common, non motorcycle style - Aloha Rag had a few small ones (blue and pink) on sale at the end of last season.