New B Bag and Clutch! :D

  1. Look what I got today :yahoo:

    Both brand new and I love them!:heart:



  2. Love it! the leather looks tdf!
  3. congrats!!
  4. it's very pretty! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous! And this is the only clutch I've ever loved:drool:. Congrats!

  6. Congrats!
  7. The clutch is very funky and would look great with an edgy outfit. i likey:yes:
  8. i luv both! congrats!!!
  9. H - excellent choices...the black nappa is my favorite b bag for every day use & the new Fendi clutch is TDF!! Congrats :yahoo:
  10. Love the clutch-
  11. Congrats Habibty! :wlae: The clutch is beautiful and the leather on that B-bag is soo yummy :drool:
  12. niiiiiiiiiice choices!! Enjoy your gorgeous new Fendis!
  13. thanks everyone :smile: im really liking both bags!
  14. Smashing clutch, love that bag. Big Congrats
  15. Love the Clutch and the B Bag leather looks soo soft enjoy:tup: