New Azur models?

  1. Does anyone know if they plan to release any new models in azur? So far the only one I like is the speedy, but I don't want to get it if something I might like better is on the way. Thanks in advance!
  2. The Berkeley is out and I believe the Hampstead is ready to be released sometime soon. I wish they would come out with the Neverfull already. I don't know of any others as of now.
  3. I have the same feeling, and still waiting.....
    I think they are going to release azur neverfull sometime this year
  4. ^^ yes there are. i dont know when though. i want one!!

  5. nothing is better than the speedy!;)
  6. Hampstead azur will be released 1st of March.
  7. Can't wait to see it in Neverful.
  8. There;s another thread with pictures of the Hampstead...already release in Japan in the Azur..
  9. Oh i love the Azur.
  10. I'm waiting for the neverfull... whenever that comes out :cursing:

    I think that'll be just as cute at the azur speedy