New AW2007 Colour "Cafe" has arrived

  1. Presenting Cafe in Clemence

    At first glance, one can mistake it for Chocolate in Clemence. But if you put it next to Chocolate, Cafe is lighter. Chocolate is redder.

    This Evelyne is lovely. (Picture taken at my H store)
    Cafe Clemence Evelyne.jpg
  2. Here's a close up.
    Cafe Close Up.jpg
  3. MrsS - you're such a terrific news hound! Thank you for posting I have been most anxious to see this colour :flowers:
  4. WOW I love this color! Would love it on a Birkin!!!
    Thanks MrsSparkles!!
  5. Handybags :shame: I look forward to hearing new news from members here. That way, I have new things to bug my store! :graucho:

    excentric - I agree. I love dark browns. I think it would be lovely in a Birkin, Kelly and Bolide. :yes:
  6. Mrs S, I love it! Thanks for sharing, now I want the exact same bag. May I send you the bill pls?!
  7. Yumm!! It is delicious, I would like to see that color in small accessories.
  8. Thanks for the pictures, MrsS!!


    Now, whose Victoria FT is that?
  9. That color is amazing!
  10. Fab color love it already
  11. :graucho: Knew someone would notice it and ask.

    It's a Chartreuse Victore FT from the display shelf, that I asked my SA to show me.
  12. Ooh beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
  13. looks like a lovely color!!!
    thanks for sharing!
  14. Great color!! I shall henceforth stop calling my ebene "chocolate". I use chocolate a lot cos no one seems to understand what ebene is.
  15. mrssparkles, thanks for keeping us members so "cutting edge".

    I am in market for another Evelyne, and this will be a likely candidate!!