New Auburn Brynne

  1. Hello All-

    I ordered this bag from NM sale section. I really thought I'd *love* it. But, I just kind of like it. I am not crazy about it. I am thinking of returning it, even though it is a great color and the price was really good. My problem with it is that the straps don't want to lay flat on the shoulder. So, when I tried it on, it kind of lays very odd and is not comfortable. Do the straps "flatten out" over time, I guess? I am not crazy about the width at the bottom of the bag either. It hits at a weird place on me and just feels not quite right to me. I am really thinking it is going back- I just don't want to have returner's remorse!

    I don't think it is an issue of not liking a big bag either- I got a Sloane and I love it- it's my everyday bag. Maybe it is the shape/width dimensions that don't do it for me- not sure.

    My next question is do you all think that the Carla would be too large or is it similar to size of the Sloane? There is one at Bag Borrow in the outlet in butter and I've been wanting a white or light bag...
  2. O.K. I have a Carla and Sloane and I just layed them against each other and they are
    basically exactly the same size. I just got Carla the other day and I love it!!! There is a very helpful SA at a Last Call in Miami (emilene) that calls me when new Kooba's come in and she called yesterday becuz she has a butter Carla. I think she said 240. Let me me know if you are interested and I will give you the number.
  3. posk51- thank you for the size comparison. And yes, the number would be great! I'd prefer getting the bag from Last Call over Bag Borrow- not sure if the bag would be heavily used or not.
  4. I deleted the voice mail yesterday so don't quote me on the price!! But I'm pretty sure.
    I will PM you the info. :smile:

  5. what is Last Call?

  6. OMG you have someone from Neiman calling you when they have Kooba sale items? I would love that! How did you manage that? I am always trolling Neiman and all I see right now is a Kooba clutch.