New at this

  1. Just wanted to say hello to all of you...And does anybody here owns a Trevi GM?:confused1:
  2. HI & Welcome to LV TPF!

    I have the PM and love it but for more info on the trevi go to the clubhouse.

    At the top of the page with all the LV threads on there are some sub sections one called the clubhouse in here are little clubs dedicated to certain bags or lines there is a trevi club in there with lots of pics

    hope that helps
  3. Welcome to TPF! You'll find lots of LV lovers here, and lots of Trevi owners.

    Are you looking to find out something specific about the Trevi?
  4. Queenmab are you stalking me?

  5. Hey LA I guess I am :roflmfao: If I knew better I would be stalking your LV collection.
  6. Hi guys thanks for the info. This website to me is very confusing. I could not find my own u guys...
  7. Forgot to tell you I just bought the Trevi and I'm just waiting for it in the mail..You guys are the coolest here...
    I have been lookin for more pics and how heavy it u guys know?
  8. The last posting on that club is 2007...kinda old...just want to make friends here..i really appreciate u guys responding
  9. Welcome!!! The trevi is a gorgeous bag!!!! Great choice!
  10. Actually, the last posting was today. The first post is from 2007.

    Try checking posts 40, 51, 76, and 84.
  11. I'm such a dumdum..hahaha..sorry about that..I did not know...:shame:
    I think I got the last Trevi at eluxury..guess I was lucky...
  12. Hey John, I'm visiting houston for the weekend...hope the weather is ok..