New at Balenciaga - Question about a color

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am a happy new member of the Balenciaga forum!
    This week I received my first two Bals: a Latte City and a Marine Velo.
    Both preowned but in perfect condition (the City was used once and the Velo just never I think:biggrin:).
    Anyway, I am really happy and I needed to share my joy:yahoo:
    Though, I have a question regarding a current color: Cognac.
    Is this a seasonal color?
    If so, when does the season end?
    In summer for this one maybe?
    As I think I kind of need this color too hehe:graucho:..
    And does Balenciaga have any sales such as Mulberry (I was buying Mulberry until now..)?
  2. Hi Gringach!! Welcome to Bal & Congrats on your 2 new bags :biggrin:....& I know you from the Mulberry threads! No doubt some of the Bal experts will weigh in & help you out. I'm just a true Bal lover/addict (not an expert) I know the color named "cognac" was from 2006 season but I'm unaware of it being current season (but it could be & I'm just clueless!) Bal has great reference threads ~

    I have never been fortunate enough to find a Bal on sale, so I sure would love to hear if others have!! I usually buy mine from Neiman Marcus, Barneys or Bal website.
    Congrats again & doubt your Bal collection will grow by leaps & bounds before you know it!! :graucho::smile:

  3. Seems a few Mulberry gals have found the Bal love recently, please could we see your beauties? There's a marine hobo on NPN and its looks amazing

    I sooo want a brogue city in black

    Are you thinking cognac as close to oak?
  4. Congrats! Would love to see pics of your new beauties!
  5. There is a color from 2015 called Marron Canelle that many people have referred to as cognac, that may be what you are thinking. It did not get much air time here in the bal forum. Here is a link to one on Fashionphile if you'd like to check it out. IMO though, any of the red or golden browns from 2006-2009 were much prettier (cognac, camel, sienna, mogano, saddle, automne....)
  6. I suppose you mean the marron cognac colour on the Balenciaga EU site? It does look lovely. :smile: I don't know has there been any pics of it yet... You really did fell in love in Balenciaga then. :smile: Maybe same thing happens to me too when my bleu acier City arrives, probably tomorrow! There are traffic from the Mulberry forum indeed. :amuse:

  7. Hi 🙂

    Very pretty colour you've chosen

    Do you think the cognac will be similar to M oak after a patina has formed?
  8. #8 May 15, 2016
    Last edited: May 15, 2016
    I'm sorry as I gave the wrong impression. I haven't seen the colour irl, just in the pics on Balenciaga site so I can't say anything more about it. It looks very pretty in the pics though. :smile: Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in. :smile: I do think though it could be quite the same colour as oak, just in different (shinier) leather type. Actually, the more I look the pic I think the marron cognac is more warm brown than oak. I don't know how the colour changes with the patina though.

    Thank you, I just fell in love with the greyish blue (or blueish grey!) colour so so much that I just had to have it! It's my first Balenciaga. I was going to buy a mini City first but I'm little bored of small bags in general so I chose the classic size. :smile: Can't wait it to arrive!

  9. I googled it and wasn't sure myself, I know it's difficult to gauge from a pic, but I am lacking and tan/oak type colour now.

    Looking forward to your reveal
  10. I'll do it in the May/June purchases thread! :smile:
  11. Thank you Kendie26! It's nice to find you here too!

    Cognac is currently available on Bal's website and on also on MyTheresa. That's why I was wondering if it's a core color or not. As I might not be able to buy this one as soon as I wish..:graucho: I may call a Bal shop to clarify with them directly.

    And yep, after Mulberry, I think I found a new style to fall for:lol::graucho::lol:!
  12. Hi Louliu!

    Great to find you here too ;)

    Well, the blue one is actually called Gris Chartreux.. I saw that on Bal's website :biggrin:

    Still very new here.. Lots to learn :graucho:

    I read you are a hobo girl too.. Go for the Marine!!
  13. Thank you!! I am very busy at the moment.. But will try to upload some pics early next week. I might do this on the May purchases thread.

    See you;)!
  14. Dear Taimi you are absolutely right, it's that Cognac. And I will get this bag sooner or later..:graucho:

    So funny that we are kind of moving to Bal at the same time;)!
    See you soon my friend:kiss:
  15. HI again Gringach! So i did check Bal site & saw the color (gorgeous)...for some reason I hadn't remembered seeing it before, plus the name is marron cognac confused me! Hard to tell online but it definitely has that Mulberry Oak flavor to it. Congrats again & wow, I am seeing the fabulous Mulberry invasion of fine ladies coming over to Bal....yay! Welcome all!
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