new astrakan advice pls

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  1. I bought the jumbo classic a while ago, just had the time to take pic and share with u guys.

    But, I just got the Astrakan today! YEY! However, do u think it's worth the price??? does it look nice??? is it too small??... i still have doubts.. but i like it..
    IMG_1445.JPG IMG_1446.JPG IMG_1447.JPG IMG_1449.JPG IMG_1451.JPG
  2. NICE NICE NICE. definetely a keep!!
  3. ooh....please don't hate me....I am not crazy about the Aztrakan. It's a good size, but there is something about it I don't like and can't put my finger on. The Jumbo flap looks incredible on you!!!!! LOVE love love it.

    You are also second guessing it. I recommend that you spend a couple of days with it to see how it feels. If you are not TOTALLY UTTERLY COMPLETELY IN LOVE with it by then, return it. I will say though it is a substantial looking bag. I don't think this is really a "universal" bag like the Chanel classics. I think people LOVE IT TO DEATH, or pass on it. But that pretty much goes with everything. It's all preference....and that's why we love CHANEL...there is the perfect bag for every shoulder!!
  4. Congrats! i don't think it looks small at all. Very unique texture. Personally, the bag is a good size, but i don't like the look of it.
  5. Yes, I like it's size and shape but I prefer it is calfskin or lambskin.
  6. OMG, i love it, the size is perfect and it looks great on you !:yes:
    Can't wait to see it !!
    Need to put my name on the wait list tooo hehe!!:p
  7. the astrakhan is a TDF bag but i didn't know it was that big--for some reason i thought it was a tiny handheld bag! but i think you have to love it to justify the price though...
  8. The jumbo looks great, as far as the Astrakan I need to see IRL. Congrats on both purchases!
  9. I love the astrakan both tote and the flap but I haven't seen them IRL yet ...the tote looks fine on you!May I ask the price and its dimensions please?TIA!
    Congrats on all your beauties!:tup:
  10. Looks great...just picked up the camera bag in astrakan....stunning! Only two in British Columbia....I love the leather,it is not too soft but not rough!
  11. I love both bags! I think the Astrakan is a nice size. The more I see pics of these, the more I like them. When I was on the phone with my SA the other day, she was talking about getting one in and how beautiful it is. It's definitely something different. If you are having doubts, though, just think on it for a few days.
  12. Both are fabulous....if you can have both, then you should!! Both are classics and if you give one up today, who knows what the price might be toorrow to replace?
  13. I liked the astrakan in pictures, then loved it when I saw it in real life. I prefer the bag you have to the smaller version, but then I always like big bags. I say keep!